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The Cloud GIS solution for spatial engineering.


Get work done with our tailored GIS applications.


Empowering organizations through geospatial solutions

yey'maps benefits its users through location intelligence


Catalog data in one location, import GIS data,

link geo services, or simply share data and collaborate with others. 

Create personalized maps in minutes.

Publish maps online or share them with your colleagues and clients.

Assign each map its own tools, functions, and permissions.

Enhance your work with our powerful apps and enjoy smarter, time-efficient workflows.

yey'maps has been developed from scratch using the powerful Openlayers API for its

mapping component and GDAL to import and export geodata and to perform geospatial analysis.

Give it a try. It's fun!

What our clients say about us.

“DRAHOLA Technologies' mapping program has been a great asset within our company and for our clients.

Any time we need assistance, their staff is quick to respond and will resolve any issues efficiently. Highly recommend.”

A. Volden, Mountain West Services

“yey'maps is an easy and affordable way to design and generate online maps.

It's been very useful for my clients so far.”

C. Blalock, South Avenue Consulting