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Daniel Anselmo

Product Owner at yey'maps

GIS enthusiast who fills information gaps in industries through geospatial solutions.

I trained at the National Geospatial- Intelligence Agency (NGA) and have nine years of experience in spatial analytics with the Marine Corps and Diplomatic Security. A foundation which I use to drive my desire to serve communities through spatial solutions.

As Product Owner, I ensure yey'maps offers optimal value to current and potential customers.


I am responsible for strategizing new developments in tools and applications by collaborating with developers, analyzing the competitive landscape, and defining the marketplace.


I identify user needs and works with cross-functional teams to manage yey'maps releases.


Above all, my goal is to deliver a successful product to users in a way that aligns with the yey'maps mission.


BS Information Technology, Columbia Southern University

GIS Management, Project Management, GIS Analysis, Marketing, Customer Service,
App Development, Listener.​




(803) 610-1238

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