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Concord historic town center aerial view in summer on Main Street in town of Concord, Mass

Innovate. Collaborate. Celebrate.

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A simple Online GIS for small towns, cities & utility companies

Flexible and intuitive cloud GIS solutions built for teamwork.

Simplified online GIS suite of decision-making solutions

Integrates information, forms, and data

Collaborates across teams, organizations, and contractors

small town main street

Optimized for small towns & cities and their contractors

Includes access for council members, law enforcement, and fire departments 

Connect and share maps and data with county departments

Starting packages for every size of client

Get innovative results with a small budget starting at $79 / month for a team of five staff members

Tailored for small communities with their townhall staff, public works, and citizens in mind

GIS on a small budget

What Our Clients Are Saying

Mountain West Services

“DRAHOLA Technologies' mapping program has been a great asset within our company and for our clients.

Any time we need assistance, their staff is quick to respond and will resolve any issues efficiently. Highly recommend.”

South Avenue Consulting

“yey'maps is an easy and affordable way to design and generate online maps.

It's been very useful for my clients so far.”

C. Blalock, South Avenue Consulting

A. Volden, Mountain West Services

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