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2023 yey'maps User Conference

We are pleased to share that our second yey'maps user conference was successfully held on June 15th in Uhingen, Germany at the Uditorium. It was an excellent opportunity for our valued customers to explore yey'maps' latest advancements and potential applications.

We showcased the new GAG application designed for split wastewater charges during the event. Additionally, we highlighted how yey'maps can be utilized to efficiently record and process building loads. Our comprehensive task management (asset management) capabilities, including lease management functionalities, were also covered. Furthermore, we demonstrated the seamless creation and management of a tree register using yey'maps and the effective utilization of the yey'bplan application for publishing development plans.

To enhance the event experience, we invited guest speakers from our partner companies. Mr. Cerny from Metricplus delivered a presentation on property tax law, while Mr. Knittel from Geoplana shared valuable insights on data acquisition from aerial photographs. Their contributions provided further depth to the discussions and rounded off the event on a high note.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your active participation in our second user meeting. We truly appreciate your valuable suggestions, feedback, and ideas for improvement, and we will make every effort to incorporate them into the future development of yey'maps.

You can download the presentations here.


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