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Designing an Application



With the yey'maps profile tool, an elevation profile can be generated at any location on the map by digitizing a polyline. The profile tool is part of the yey'maps bing maps extension.


The yey'maps layer spy is a magnifying glass enabling you to see through your map at a bing maps aerial image.


No more switching layers on and off just to see what the aerial image looks like in a specific area.


With the Layer-Spy you save time interpreting map content. You can see in seconds what the situation on-site looks like.


yey'maps uses the Open Source search function of OpenStreetMap. Alternatively, you can also work with the search function of bing maps. This makes it easy to search for administrative boundaries, points of interest, or building addresses and display them on the map.


Simply enter the search term or address in the search field and you will see the result on the map.


Conversely, you can click on any point on the map and yey'maps will then find the right address for you.



Create a start and an endpoint on the map and yey'maps will find the best route for you.


For this purpose, the location names of the start and endpoint, as well as the distance and the travel time, are displayed.

Select additional points and add them to your route. yey'maps will sequence the destinations' routes and provide the most efficient result. 

The yey'maps navigation tool is a simple but efficient tool for estimating travel times and planning routes.


With yey'maps it is effortless to print scaled maps. Simply select the map size, the scale, the map section, and position it correctly in the preview. Just fill in the stamp field with all the important information and you're ready to go.


You can either save the result as a PDF card or send it directly to your printer.


The placement of the stamp field is user-defined giving as much freedom you as possible


By the way: The yey'maps printing tool is part of our basic equipment. At no extra charge.


The drawing tool can be used to create new geometries online and within yey'maps. Points, lines, areas, circles, and rectangles are supported.


It is possible to digitize with or without snapping. The snapping option allows the precise creation of new geometry objects and avoids unwanted overlaps or splitter polygons. Of course, you can also snap onto lines or polygons.


Digitizing perpendicular is also available. The digitization of buildings, sports areas, and other right-angled objects can thus be done quickly and easily.


With the edit tool, existing geometries can be edited or moved.

Do you want to adjust an area based on a new aerial image you just obtained? No problem. Select the geometry with the selection tool, move it entirely or create additional vertices with a few clicks.

Or do you have to move an entire row of graves in your cemetery? Then just select multiple graves at once and move them all at once.



yey'maps allows the selection of one or more objects in a layer.


A selection can replace, expand or restrict the previous selection.


Simultaneously with the selection of some objects in the map, their attributes are also shown in a preview window. This enables the selection to be checked for correctness immediately.


As an alternative to the map selection, layers can also be filtered according to their attributes.


With the copy/paste tool you can select several geometries and then move them at once.


After the geometry objects have been moved to the right place, the desired attributes can be recorded. The new object can then be saved.

Inserted objects can be rotated individually or as a group.



The scaling tool helps you to quickly change to rounded scales or to enter an individual scale.

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